Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Friendly Friday": What's been bothering you?

Prepare: Today's "Friendly Friday" may not be quite as friendly. I feel like it's a good day to release some aggravation. It's healthy to air out what bothers you now and then. It gives you the opportunity to breathe. Moreover, sometimes you just gotta bitch a little. Even BE a bitch for a moment. The hours are good, it's free & there's no heavy-lifting. So, bitch away. And, bitch I shall. 

• People have become atrocious with their driving & parking. Everytime I'm out in the world, I'm more stunned & appalled. If I have one more person  practically push my car down the road because I'm going (*gasp*) the speed limit, or come thisclose to clipping my car in their frenzied attempt to pass me at great speeds on their race to I cannot fathom what (their rush to the end of their life?), or I leave a place to find someone has parked so close that I literally have 12-inches through which to squeeze myself & my baby into my car, or I see one more person texting while driving....grrrr

• The lack of consideration for a Mommy manuveuring a baby in public  is truly astounding. Please hear me clearly when I say that IN NO WAY do I expect anyone to go out of their way to accommodate my personal choice to have a baby. However, there's a line between actively being helpful and actively being rude. Practically running me over with your car when I'm getting my baby out of his carseat or aiming for me when I'm walking through the parking lot with him, or whizzing your cart around me in the grocery store when I'm with my baby so fast that you graze me, just isn't necessary. Nor is it kind. 

• Congratulations on your choice to smoke & blast the music of your choice. I shouldn't have to participate in either. Put your window up & knock yourself out. 

Huh. Turns out my aggravations were all driving or car related. Today, anyway. I didn't see that coming. Anyhoo. 

What's been bothering you?


  1. I was at the store not long ago, with baby in the cart, and two people were walking in my direction. They made no attempt to move to one side of the aisle, and I couldn't move over. I had to STOP to keep them from walking right into us. One moved just enough to avoid us. When I'm in the same situation, I fall in line behind/ahead of the person I am with so everyone can keep walking. Isn't that common sense??!!

  2. Amen! I stay cooped up most days simply b/c of these reasons.

    I am very loud...I mega horn "EXCUSE ME" when ppl see me, but refuse to budge from an aisle (When they are blocking it's entirety). Then I give a nice big sunny smile and say, "Thank you".

  3. Stopped by to see if there had been any updates. =)


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