Saturday, April 18, 2015

Springtime Book Giveaway: Take 2!

Let's try a book for the tots this time around! Plentiful with puppies and a touching, happy-ending story, it's a perfect read for the little bibliophile in your life.

To win a copy of PUPPIES FOR SALE, simply comment below on what you love about reading with your toddler. The sound effects he gives to illustrations? The way she flips pages ahead before you're there? The way he tries to read along the sentences aloud with you? Just share your favorite reading moments with your little reader and a winner will randomly be drawn on Friday, April 24th. 

Now, grab a book and get outside to enjoy reading in this burgeoning Springtime weather with your little person!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: "The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions"

'Tis a book review! Why the heck not! This is one of my absolute favorite "guides" about the crazy, unknowable world of babydom. I was reminded of it by an impromptu co-sleeping stint last night, which has me unexpectedly pondering those one-time bed-sharing days.

Whether you co-sleep now, ever did or never will, it's worth a look just for the hilarious images of baby taking over the bed in much the same chaotic, overwhelming, all-encompassing way baby takes over your life. 

Chock-full of illustrations featuring a baby hogging the bed and victimizing it's unwitting residents, you'll laugh or cry (or both) as you flip through the pages, depending upon your personal experience with each scenario. 

Unsure what exactly is happening in each image? The authors have that covered with clever titles explaining each position and details on what it means for those daring enough to share a bed with their baby. There is also a list of "Side Effects" and "Tips" to  keep you aware of what to expect. "Difficulty" level is quantified by pillows, helping the reader ascertain just what they're getting into~ literally. A companion set of check- off boxes will help the reader gauge their "Proficiency Level" of mastering each sleepy position with tot. 

It's a quick flip through the pages and all in good fun. I believe it can make even the most weary, sleep-deprived parent giggle~ through the yawning, of course.

"The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips For Co-Sleeping Parents" by Andy Herald and Charlie Capen (Potter Style)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mommy's Timeouts

I've always treasured my personal relaxation time. Before baby, my feelings on alone time were that I loved it and craved it, but it wasn't so hard to come by, either, so it wasn't held in lofty, rare regard. It was mostly just there~ like air~ to take advantage of anytime I wanted. I didn't give it too much consideration. I just dove into my solo time with reckless abandon as I saw fit. 

An hour spent in the bath, two hours passed reading a book or watching Netflix. My actions affected no one but me. How I used time was wholly at my discretion. Yes, hubby and I would spend time together, too, but during these separate moments, we each got to do our own thing, which pleased us both and enriched our together time. 

Now, as the Mommy to an ever on-the-go toddler, rare is the opportunity for me to spend a single, let alone a couple of hours, on my own. As such, my idea of solitude has changed. Yes, an hour or more to unwind would be amazing, but I'd hardly know what to do with it, never mind that I'd be feeling guilty through a percentage of it (more on that in another entry). Plus,~ not unlike most Mommies, I'm sure~ I've sort of trained myself to feel refreshed in microbursts where they present themselves. 

Time and opportunity are more limited, and because of that, the valued feels greater on whatever Mommy moments I can grab here and there. What peace and rejuvenation I feel in a mere 15-minutes alone now rivals whatever lengthy relaxation time I required in order to destress before baby came along. Minutes feel like hours and leave me feeling recharged in my overall well-being. 

I'm quite happy for 15-minutes alone to sip some iced tea and nibble on some pound cake on a Sunday morning as my men sleep in a bit. It feels like a mini vacation being able to sneak away whilst they build a fort out of cardboard boxes on a Saturday afternoon and grab a magazine or think a thought as I sink into my comfy recliner. It's enough. Less is more in every way~ forged through necessity, but powerful all the same.

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